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Duplicate Website Content: It’s hurting you in the search engines

Google loves original, fresh content.  And it should.  Isn’t that what Google is all about?

Think about it.  You love to get relevant results when you search.  And Google wants to keep you happy.  Therefore, they are constantly working on their algorithm to make sure that happens.

What constitutes “original, fresh” content?

Original means you wrote it.  Fresh means you add new content often.  (We’ll save the “fresh” discussion for another day.)

Today, let’s talk about original content.

If you are “renting” your website (paying …

Website Design: Why should I include a blog on our company website?

When thinking about website design, most just want a website that looks good.  And you should want this.  This is important.  You only have 5 seconds to make that first impression.

Is this company professional?  Do they have what I need?  Can I trust them?  These are just a few of the questions that run through a potential client’s mind.  Design is a make or break issue.

We can agree that design is important.

But blogs don’t necessarily add to the appeal of …

Website Design: Think of every page as a home page

What I’m going to say may seem a bit crazy at first, but hear me out.  You need to think of EVERY page as a home page.  And here’s why:

Most searches in Google are for specific things.  For example, say you live in Boston, Massachusetts and you just bought a new car.  You spent too much money on this new, shiny toy, so you want to save money on your auto insurance.

So, you go to Google and search “auto insurance, …

Claim your Google Places listing to help your insurance agency get more leads

Google Places

I’m amazed at how many independent insurance agencies haven’t claimed their Google Places listing.  These insurance agencies are giving up the potential of reaching hundreds of new clients.

Google Places is particularly beneficial to the independent insurance agency competing for personal lines business.  These potential customers are searching “auto insurance, city state,” “car insurance, city state,” “life insurance, city state,” “home insurance, city state,” etc.  Google Places will typically show up first in the organic results when you add a city …

Customer Survey: What are they really thinking?

If your customers (and ex-customers) told you what they really thought, what would they say?

You’ll probably never know.

And here is why.  Your customers have too much to lose by telling you the truth.   The below video by Link & Rhett is hilarious because Rhett actually tells the truth about his friend in a job reference interview.  This rarely happens.  People have too much to lose by telling ALL the truth.

People won’t tell you the truth …



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