Before we talk, here’s a few things you should know:

1) We are freelancers with full-time jobs.  Our work is done at night and on the weekends.  Our communication with our clients is before 8AM, after 5:30PM, and during the normal lunch hour. Some are willing to work around our day job to get our expertise.  Others aren’t.

2) We specialize in strategic marketing.  In a world of generalists, we aim to be amazing at one thing: strategic marketing.  That means, everything we do is through this lens.  From logo design to websites to integrated marketing campaigns, we take the time to do it right in the beginning.

3) We value integrity over money.  We don’t sell with sex.  We don’t help sell products/services that hurt our society.  We follow our conscience.  Sometimes this can offend people, but we’re OK with that.

And if that doesn’t scare you away, you’re exactly the type of client we like.  Shoot me an email to put Sharpfish to work for you.

Daniel Souers, Principal




106 Arden Road
Montgomery, AL 36109
Phone: +1 334-531-0067


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