myStarke: Magazine Advertisements

myStarke, an independent insurance agency focusing on home, auto and life insurance, was the first of it’s kind in Montgomery, Alabama.   How do you communicate the value of myStarke and the independent agent?  And how do we communicate this in a memorable way?

That was the challenge.

In our discovery phase, we identified six character traits that best identify what sets myStarke, a Montgomery, Alabama independent insurance agency, apart from the competition.  The traits were loyal, smart, foresight, guide, friend, and fun.  So naturally, we chose a German Shepard named Starkey to be the symbolic representation of these traits.

We developed a magazine campaign that featured one trait per advertisement. There was a total of six advertisements that showed up in a local magazine read by a younger demographic.  The result was a successful introduction to Starkey, a memorable and likable mascot proudly representing myStarke.



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