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Sometimes David beats Goliath.  At least that’s what Starke Agency, Inc. is banking on as it competes against insurance giants like State Farm, Alfa, and Geico.  But when you’re going up against multi-million dollar ad campaigns, a slingshot won’t cut it.  You need to use your head.

Sharpfish created the myStarke brand to help reel in new clients.  The myStarke website combines social media, sharp graphics, and a comprehensive SEO plan (along with some magic) to help myStarke show up on top pages for their strategic keywords.  This means more insurance prospects are finding myStarke.  And that’s a good thing.

Starke Agency, Inc. is now positioned to be the market leader for independent insurance agencies, especially among those dealing in personal insurance.  Meanwhile, the giants are looking much smaller.

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