The Adoption Law Firm: Stationary

The Adoption Law Firm knows adoption law frontwards and backwards, but that’s only half of their appeal.  They truly have a passion for seeing “unwanted” children find homes.

The Challenge: Develop a brand identity that communicates this knowledge AND their passion.

Our Solution: We chose a traditional serif font for “Adoption” and gray to communicate their traditional legal knowledge and stability.  And we balanced this with a white premium paper and complementary san-serif font for surrounding words to show The Adoption Law Firm is also modern.

Then we snuck in a bright blue.  Sure it’s not a shade of blue you normally see for a law firm.  But then again, this isn’t a normal law firm.

They have a passion and urgency to find homes for orphans.  Hence, the bright blue.



106 Arden Road
Montgomery, AL 36109
Phone: +1 334-531-0067


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