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You've worked hard to build your business. You know your craft well. But, are you sure you're spending your marketing/advertising money wisely?

Enter Sharpfish. All we do is built upon a foundation of strategy, giving you confidence you’re heading in the right direction. Sure, it takes a little longer, but so does starting with an architect before you build your home.

From logo design to websites to integrated marketing campaigns, Sharpfish has you covered. If you'd like to talk, contact us today to discuss how we can help your business grow.

Latest News

Duplicate Website Content: It’s hurting you in the search engines

Google loves original, fresh content.  And it should.  Isn't that what Google is all about? Think about it.  You love to get relevant results when you ...

Website Design: Why should I include a blog on our company website?

When thinking about website design, most just want a website that looks good.  And you should want this.  This is important.  You only have 5 ...

Facebook Advertising: Sponsored Stories

Savvy web designers recognize how social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can influence the traffic of a website.  You run a compelling campaign on ...

Website Design: Think of every page as a home page

What I'm going to say may seem a bit crazy at first, but hear me out.  You need to think of EVERY page as a ...

A Map for Your Insurance Clients

If you haven’t already noticed, terms like “SEO” are becoming more and more prevalent among independent insurance agents.    Obviously, this is because they all want ...

Do You ‘Own’ Your Market Position?

Most service firms and businesses have never considered their “position” amongst competitors. They want to stand out to their clients, but end up telling them, ...

Claim your Google Places listing to help your insurance agency get more leads

I'm amazed at how many independent insurance agencies haven't claimed their Google Places listing.  These insurance agencies are giving up the potential of reaching hundreds ...

Customer Survey: What are they really thinking?

If your customers (and ex-customers) told you what they really thought, what would they say? You'll probably never know. And here is why.  Your customers have too ...



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